Monday, December 28, 2009

Indoor Track and Safety Gear Stuff

Oops, forgot to write about my indoor running experience this weekend. It snowed most of the day Saturday, but I was able to get in four miles at a nearby indoor track. The facility had two treadmills, but I wanted a break from the from that. It's a small two-lane track suspended over a basketball court. When I say small, I mean 19 laps around this track equals one mile! I felt a bit like a hamster in a wheel. I understand some people feel this way about running on a treadmill, but this track being so small, was much worse. I think I got a good workout. It felt good not to have the help propelling that the treadmill offers.

I ended up with a few more cool safety gear items. I exchanged the headlamp for a pair of Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitts and a Fuel Belt reflective arm band. The mitts are gloves with a hidden reflective mitt piece. I had been eyeballing these since October. I can't wait to try them out. I'm sure they're warmer than the 99 cent magic gloves I had been sporting. I happened upon a Fleet Feet in Chesterfield. I had no idea there was one out there! I picked up a clip-on flashing safety light. This will be great to hook onto on my waist or hat. It's incredibly bright. I'm anxious to run outside (in the dark) again! The treadmill at the gym is working out well, but hopefully I can get in a run outdoors between the the snow and sleet showers soon.

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