Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Everyday Shoe: Brooks Ravenna

Let me start by describing my feet. They’re big (11.5 in women’s), they’re wide across the top, and narrow at the ankle, and my second toe is longer than my big toe (I think that’s a sign of being highly intelligent). For these reasons, my feet like the fit of men’s running shoes. When I started running about a year ago, I ran in a pair of running shoes already in my closet, a pair of Nike Air Pegasus. They were comfortable at first, but as I started running more often, and further, they felt too tight. The ends of my toes were rubbing the inside of the shoe. At the time, I didn't know that feet swell when you run, and in general it's best to run in a shoe at least a half size bigger. The genius that I am decided to purchase another pair of Air Pegasus, one size larger. They were ok at first, then I totally hated them. They fit well on my toes and my mid foot, but had way too much space around the ankle. Come to find out, Nike had since changed the design of the Air Pegasus to accommodate the Nike+ sensor in the sole. Instead of one continuous air cushion, they broke it into two. One in the toe box and one in the heel. I should have researched a little better before shelling out the dough for them! I had a pair of racing flats I purchased from Fleet Feet that I absolutely loved, so I visited there again to find an everyday shoe. After about an hour of trying on four or five pairs, running around the store, running on the in-store treadmill, I decided on a neutral shoe, the Brooks’ Ravenna. They were immediately comfortable. I did end up going a whole size and a half larger, but I try not to focus on how big they are! The toe box feels like it curls up a bit, which I like. It makes my foot feel springy. I read a few reviews where some people did not like this feature, and their toes even went numb! But overall, I read mostly great reviews. I've had these about six months, they are so friggin comfortable. I was trying to think of a way to describe the cushioning. The best I could come up with is they feel like walking on a firm cloud, if that makes any sense. Also very cool, the midsole is biodegradeable.


sasha said...

where from I can get that pair of shoes?
it is Trainers Shoes

Afrobabylon said...

Hi, I got mine from Fleet Feet. You can order from the Brooks website: I'm sure most running specialty stores carry them also.

ledz21 said...

I love brooks addiction this is the best running shoes I've ever had.

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