Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Girl's Gotta Run, Outdoors.

I was a bit defiant of my cold today and ran four miles outside today. It was 34 degrees when I stepped out of the apartment. The sun was shining, I couldn't resist. I needed an excuse to test out the arm warmers I won at the Hot Chocolate Race last month. These are Nike Pro short sleeve, so they are not as long as regular arm warmers. I've been thinking about them since last Saturday's chilly forearm run. Last Saturday, my layers were long tights, a short sleeve tech shirt, my Old Navy half-zip pullover and fleece vest. The only area I felt a chill was on my forearms. I've been wearing these Lucy wrist sweatbands, but they're actually a little too warm and make my wrists sweat. I've tried wearing a long sleeve tech shirt, but the inside of my elbows get sweaty. The arm warmers are perfect with a short sleeve shirt since they cover my forearms, and leave a gap for my elbows to breath. My forearms were happy this run! The only issue I had was after I got a little warm, I took them off. When I got chilly again, it was not easy getting them back in place under the pullover. So if I wear them, they stay on the entire time. My nose and throat feel alright now, hopefully I haven't slowed my recovery.


Amazon Runner said...

I just discovered your blog and I am so glad that I did. Thanks for posting about resources such as the training gear-- I really prefer to run outside in spite of the cold and snow, so really need to oufit myself properly. I just returned to running after a ten year stint on the sofa and I have lost over 130 pounds since March. Your blog is an inspiration to all women. Thanks for taking the time to put yourself out there young lady!

1ghettogirly said...

Thanks for visiting Amazon Runner! 130 pounds since March, WOW. That is amazing, keep up the good work!

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