Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Wish List

There are a few cool running related things I have on my Christmas list this year. I haven't really asked Santa for anything in quite some time, but I've actually had a few people ask me what I want! What a nice change of pace. First up, the Road ID. I usually run with a fanny pack which has tissues, my cell phone, my giant ring of keys, and if I'm with my dog, poopy pick-up bags. To be safe, I need to run with some type of ID, but don't want to move my license back and forth from my wallet to my fanny pack, or take the time to get an extra state ID. I've seen ads for this thing on Runners, and read a few positive blog postings about it too. It comes in fun colors, I'm leaning towards pink. They also offer some nice looking, inexpensive safety gear. I'd like a couple of the Firefly clip on lights and the High-Viz Stickpak. Next, compression socks. I've read a few articles about how these can help with recovering after a run and improve circulation in the legs. I just think they look cozy. Plus, they're available in pink! Soon it's going to start snowing (everyday) here in Chicago. I like running after it has snowed (on cleared, salted paths) because it's typically a few degrees warmer outside. The only winter running issue I had last year was with my dog. He loves being outdoors no matter the temperature, but his paws can get irritated by the salt on the sidewalks and roads. After a little research, I discovered these babies! Aren't they cute??? And functional! They're specially made for 'canine athletes'. Too much. Lastly, I'm really pumped about the St. Louis Go! half marathon in April. Of course I have to coordinate a special outfit to race in. I want something really different. I came across this workout apparel website with some really unique stuff. A couple of my favorites are the Margarita ribbon capri and top, (both in pink) and the Margarita numbers capri. The ribbon capris and top are my favorite. I think the numbers capri would be a better if the numbers went up to 13 (.1), representing the miles in the race. Even still, it's a stretch. In case you were wondering, all of these websites offer giftcards. Just sayin'.

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