Sunday, November 29, 2009

St. Louis Hill Work

Reality check. St. Louis is hilly. How could I forget that? I visited Forest Park for my last run while in town. I've walked the almost six mile trail around the park several times, so I was familiar with the route, having said that, I've never actually tried to run it. When I came upon the first hill, I said a little mantra I picked up from a random You Tube video, "I love hills!". By the time I hit the third hill, the mantra had worn off. I had to take a minute walking break after a few hills. They were very steep. I couldn't even imagine how bikers could take those hills! I started out heading southeast toward the highway, so the hills were mostly in the first half of my run. The last 3 miles were smooth sailing! Despite the inadvertent hill work, today was a great workout and great preperation for the St. Louis half marathon!

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